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Free to use

Compare24 is free to use thanks to our sponsors and patrons.

More than a glorified spreadsheet

Online, collaborative, sharable and versatile. Combined with intuitive workflow, Compare24 is more than just a glorified spreadsheet. 

Compare on unlimited parameters

Price isn’t everything when you are comparing goods and services. That is why Compare24 gives you the option to add an unlimited number of other parameters too. See an example here.  

Get a better deal by comparing

When we set out to buy a high-value item, whether a physical product or service, there is often a lot of money to save by collecting and comparing offers. 

Helps you in negotiation situations

By having all information in a structured and comparable overview, you achieve an upper hand in any price negotiation situation. 

Built for collaboration

Compare24.io allows you to share the information you are working on with other people so they can see and contribute too. 

Share with third parties

Make your comparison tables available to share with the world. Make them completely open in a read-only format or keep it the selected few you grant permission with a password of your choosing. See an open example here or a password-protected one here (password: compare).